September Book Haul

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And so another month is done and dusted, and now we move into October. September was a pretty quiet month, my weekends involved a lot of down time (something I’m not unhappy about). I’ve been feeling a bit stressed and worn out lately so it’s been good to have weekends where I could just chill out, especially as we move closer to the end of the year and life usually starts getting busier.

While it probably goes without saying that I’m excited for every book I buy, my book haul for September is a real good’un if I do say so myself, even if it is a small haul. I haven’t been buying as many books the last few months, there are still way too many books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. Sometimes it feels like I’ll never get around to reading everything on my bookshelf and I still can’t seem to stop myself from buying new books. Not the worst problem to have I’ll admit, but I definitely want to continue with a steady reading routine.


With the release of the second book of this series and the amount of hype around it, it made me curious to read the first book. People seem to be absolutely raving about this series, so I’m definitely a bit late to the party, but I’m really looking forward to diving into Jay Kristoff’s Nevernight.

Mia has been raised in shadows, living for the day she can finally avenge herself on those who destroyed her world. But before she can take her revenge she must become a weapon, and so seeks training among the infamous assassins of the Red Church of Itreya. There, she must prove herself worthy against some of the deadliest opponents.

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An Ember in the Ashes

When Laia’s grandparents are murdered and her brother arrested for treason by the empire, she turns to the only people she can for help, the rebels. They will not help her for nothing though and soon Laia finds herself acting as a spy. But the more she learns, the more she starts to question who she can really trust.

I bought An Ember in the Ashes with what was left of a birthday voucher, and it had been on my wish list for a while. I think this is another series that had a new book come out recently that had quite a bit of attention within the book community, so it’s probably about time I got caught up on what all the hype is about.

The Hating Game

While I usually stick to the fantasy genre, every now and then it’s good to mix it up. I’d heard good reviews about The Hating Game, and it sounded like a really fun romantic comedy. Light reads like this are good to break things up a bit, and I find I can usually get through them in a day or two.

Lucy and her nemesis, Joshua, share an office. They sit across from each other every day, engaging in everything from the staring game, the mirror game and the HR game. When the chance for a promotion comes up the games really begin, though Lucy starts to wonder if maybe she doesn’t really hate Joshua after all.

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