August Book Haul

Photo 3-9-17, 3 33 24 pm

Well here is my August book haul, better late (only by a few days) than never I guess! I feel like August was a good month in terms of both working life and personal life, and I was quite busy. I got into a good rhythm of reading after what felt like quite a while of never being in the mood to read, and it had been taking me a while to finish a book, when generally I’m quite a fast reader. Finally though I’m back into the swing of things and I read quite a few books in August.

In saying that, I didn’t really buy many books last month. I’ve got so many books sitting unread on my shelf that I think I need to try and get through a few more of those before moving onto buying new books, though let’s be honest that’s probably unlikely!

The Winner’s Crime

I found a copy of The Winner’s Crime in a bookstore for $6! Who could possibly say no to that? I read the first book in the series, The Winner’s Curse, quite a while ago, but I, like so many others I’m sure, am really bad at getting around to finishing book series. I have heard others praise this series by Marie Rutkoski and say that it gets better with each book, so I’m pretty keen to continue on with the series, and who knows, maybe I’ll find the last book for $6 as well!

Rebellion is breaking out and to protect the people she loves, Kestral has become engaged to the crown prince. She has positioned herself as a spy in the imperial court, with enemies everywhere and a web of secrets and lies to unravel. Meanwhile Arin is busy fighting for his people’s freedom, and unsure whether or not he can trust Kestral.

Photo 3-9-17, 3 19 43 pm

Come Sundown

As the manager of her family’s resort in Western Montana, Bodine is used to juggling many different tasks at a time; she rarely has time for herself let alone a relationship, but when an old crush moves back home she might just change her mind. Life takes a dramatic turn when the body of a young woman is discovered on resort land, and Bodine’s family start to wonder if the murder is connected to the mysterious disappearance of Bodine’s aunt 25 years ago.

Having been a long-time fan of Nora Roberts, which if you’ve been reading my blog you’ll probably know, I grabbed Come Sundown without much hesitation. Her books are some of the only contemporary romances that I read, it’s not really a genre that I gravitate too much towards otherwise.

Beauty and the Beast

Yep, I can admit it, I bought this purely because I love the movie so much. This book is literally just a book of the film. It’s one of those books I don’t even know if I’ll ever really read, but I just really wanted to have it. Does anyone else do that? Since the film came out on Blu-ray I’ve watched it at least once a fortnight, so anything Beauty and the Beast related you can be sure I’ll want to buy it.

Photo 3-9-17, 3 27 41 pm

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