March Book Haul

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I put myself on a book buying ban during March. I went overseas for two weeks during the middle of the month and wasn’t going to be able to carry books around with me, so there didn’t seem much point in buying books that I wouldn’t be able to read for a few weeks, also I wanted to save as much money as I could for my holiday. Enter kindle.

While I can’t deny to preferring physical copies of books, it’s hard to argue the benefits of a kindle when it comes to travel. Convenience of multiple books on one device, and really inexpensive books at that, makes it the perfect travelling companion. There’s a great selection of books for kindle, which makes it easy to stock up on a few different choices.


I was pretty happy when I saw this for just $2 on kindle. I’ve seen the book popping up on bookstagram quite a bit lately and reviews seem fairly positive so far. This book has such a beautiful cover that I’ll no doubt find myself hunting down a paperback copy sooner or later. From what I’ve heard, Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones sounds like a interestingly written story, with music and romance as the key themes.

Liesl has heard stories of the beautiful and dangerous Goblin King that have inspired her musical compositions for years. The older she gets, however, the more she feels herself getting pulled away from her childhood fantasies and dreams of making music, until her sister is suddenly stolen away by the Goblin King. Liesl now has to follow them into the Underground to save her sister, but finds herself drawn into the Goblin King’s strange and captivating world.

Curse of the Sphinx

Hope has spent her life on the run, hunted for what she is by demigods and shadow monsters. She and her mother have never stayed in any place for too long, but after her mother is killed, she finds herself completely alone. Hope flees, now with only herself to rely on, and tries to blend into the background in a small town. When a mysterious new boy turns up at Hope’s school, she realises that going unseen may not be as easy as she’d hoped.

A fantasy story with gods, demigods, monsters and curses, Raye Wagner’s Curse of the Sphinx gives a new twist to Greek mythology. I haven’t really read many books with a focus on Greek mythology before, and this one promises many secrets to uncover. This sounds like a great story to disappear into during my long haul flights.

Once upon a Caveman

I’ve read a few different kindle books by Cassandra Gannon and always find them to be fun, easy-going reads, with plenty of humour. Gannon likes to create funny and likeable heroine’s and then throw multiple challenges at them, and I always find her books to be quick, entertaining reads. I’m sure Once upon a Caveman will be no different.

Lucy’s life did not turn out how she expected, and when attending her high school reunion ends with her and a few of her annoying former classmates getting transported to an island from some warped history book, she really doesn’t know how things can get any worse. Add in a sexy caveman who’s been featuring in her dreams for years, a volcano about to burst at any moment and the fact that the islanders believe her to be ‘the destroyer’ –an evil goddess come to destroy them, and Lucy certainly has her hands full.

Really happy with my kindle books, but will definitely be craving some paperbacks in April! What was in your March book haul?

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3 thoughts on “March Book Haul

  1. I was on a book buying ban originally but I happened to chance upon some book fairs and got myself more books. 😦 Anyways, I’m contemplating on whether I should get a kindle as they are easier to carry around.


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