The Diabolic | Book Review


I’d heard good things about The Diabolic so it went straight on my wish list. I ended up getting it for Christmas and could not have been more pleased when I unwrapped it and saw its beautiful cover. It was my second read of 2017, and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the books I’ve read so far this year. Admittedly I’ve read less than I would like, but The Diabolic was such a great read that I don’t mind too much.

Nemesis is a Diabolic. A humanoid created for the sole purpose of protecting one human being for their whole life. Diabolic’s are bodyguards with super strength, who will do whatever it takes to protect their human. They are without feeling and without mercy for anything and anyone except the person they were created for. Sidonia is the only being that Nemesis cares for, or as close to caring as a Diabolic can get. Nemesis will do whatever it takes to protect Donia, even if it means taking her place on the political stage of an Empire on the brink of rebellion, and pretending to be her.

It took me a little while to get into the story and I was just sort of waiting for things to get going, but after the first 50 pages or so the pace really picked up and the story progressed quickly. I don’t often read too much sci-fi, but I really enjoyed this book. It had some really interesting political elements to the story, with some great twists and turns throughout that kept the story moving and stopped it from being predictable.

I found the characters S. J. Kincaid created to be really complex and well written, Nemesis especially. Being a diabolic, she was not created to have feelings or build emotional attachments to anyone other than Donia. The longer she was away from Donia, and pretending to be human however, the more human qualities started slipping through into her behaviours. This is a constant puzzle to Nemesis and causes internal conflict for her, as its not supposed to happen to a diabolic. She enjoys the moments when she feels truly human, but at the same time she doesn’t understand it and starts to question a lot of things going on around her, including how she feels towards others and how they should feel towards her.

The ruling family are quite interesting as well, the history of the Empire is so dark and twisted that you instantly despise the Emperor and his mother, while at the same time, they’re fascinating for how ruthless and clever they are. Tyrus is a great match for Nemesis, he has his own strength and cunning that he uses to navigate the poisonous politics of his family. Besides Donia, he’s the first person to see Nemesis as more than just a diabolic, and though you can’t help but love him for it, it’s hard to know if he’s completely trustworthy (when you read about his family, you’ll know what I mean).

There are plenty of hidden agendas and dark motives in this story, and so much going on that I couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what would happen next. I highly recommend this book, it does not disappoint!




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