November Book List


We are now at the time of the year when things start to get a little bit hectic. A lot of people get really busy with work or school, on the home stretch towards the year being over. There are Christmas parties to attend, presents to buy, decorations to put up, gingerbread to eat, the list is endless. Like all bookworms though, I still make time to pull together a book haul.

I have to admit that while I don’t stop buying books, my reading does slow down a bit this time of year, just because I too get bogged down with a million other things that I need to do before the year ends. Nevertheless, I am happy with the books I got this month and look forward to reading during my rare quiet time from now until Christmas.

The Orphan Queen is the story of a Queen without her kingdom; Wil and a group of orphan children are all that’s left of the nobility of their kingdom that was attacked 10 years ago. Now they’re finally ready to take it back but first Wil must infiltrate the Indigo kingdom to learn the secrets of her enemy so that they can never hurt her people again. Following the popular theme of a young woman trying to reclaim her kingdom, I have enjoyed other books with a similar idea, so I hope this one by Jodi Meadows has a few new twists and I find a new world with characters to fall in love with.

The story of Danielle Paige’s Stealing Snow starts off with Snow locked up in a psychiatric hospital where she has been for many years. When a mysterious character leads her to a magical frozen world, she discovers long hidden secrets about herself that can bring a snowy kingdom to its knees. This seems like a great book for those who enjoy stories inspired by fairy tales, and I think it’ll be a fun light read. I love fairy tale retellings in general and so am intrigued to see what this Snow Queen inspired story has to offer.

From what I know of Uprooted by Naomi Novik, it’s loosely based on a beauty and the beast type of storyline. Agnieszka lives in a village that depends on a mysterious wizard to protect them but in return he demands that a village woman must leave her home and serve him for ten years, and when the wizard, known as the Dragon, comes to the village to pick his new servant it’s Agnieszka he chooses. This books sounds really interesting, and I’m hoping for lots of magic and mystery.

Firefight is the sequel to Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson which was in my September haul. I really enjoyed Sanderson’s writing and the idea behind this series, so wanted to pick up the next book soon after finishing the first. The premise behind this series is, what if people suddenly gained super powers but instead of becoming heroes they became the villains? I loved that idea from the start and I’m excited to see where the story goes in this second book.

Next month is sure to be a busy one but hopefully everyone still manages to fit in some reading!




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