October Book List


I’m so happy with the books I got this month. A few were books I’d been wanting for a while and some are newer releases that I picked up. I’ve had a fairly quiet month in October so was able to get a lot of reading done which was great, and I felt like I got into a good reading rhythm.

October is over already and I can hardly believe it. It is now less than two months until Christmas, though I admit I do quite enjoy the lead up until Christmas. There’s something exciting about the anticipation of the end of year festive season. While it’s still a little too early to start putting up Christmas decorations, I’m excited about my book haul in October and can’t wait to read my new additions.

Nora Roberts is a must buy author of mine. I will always buy her books and have enjoyed her books for a long time, so when The Obsession came out I knew I’d be adding to my Nora Roberts collection. I really love how she creates great characters that you wish you knew and builds great relationships, both romantic and platonic. The Obsession tells the story of Naomi, who when she was a child discovered a horrible crime that tore her life apart, but now she is ready to create a home for herself and try to finally move on from her past.

Rebel of the Sands was a bit of an impulse purchase. I saw it in the store and was immediately drawn to its beautiful cover. At the time of picking it up, I didn’t know anything about the book but blurb on the back cover further intrigued me. This story takes place in a land covered in sand, which is a setting I haven’t really read about before. Alwyn Hamilton’s book follows a young woman, Amani who is living in the harsh desert where it is not easy being female. She dreams of freedom and her chance comes when her path crosses with a stranger who appears in her town.

Christine Feehan is another author I’ve read a few books from. This book is part of a series called the Leopard People and is about a race of humans that can shift into leopards. You don’t necessarily need to read all the books in order, every book follows a different character, but there is a lot of crossover of other characters so it does better build the world if you read all the books. Wild Cat focuses on Siena, who has grown up without knowing her leopard heritage or the less than legal activities that her grandfather is involved in, but when her grandfather is killed she finds herself thrown into danger.

I’ve heard really good things about this series by Marie Lu, and it sounds just like the kind of story I will love, so I have very high hopes for The Young Elites. Set in a world ravaged by something called the blood fever, Adelina’s life has never been the same since surviving the blood fever. She is cast out for being an abomination and joins up with a group of people just like her, only to discover she has special abilities. I really enjoy fantasy books with strong heroines who have to fight to survive and have cool abilities, and that’s just what this book sounds like.

I hope everyone got a great October book haul. Happy reading!



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