June Book List

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I’ve been falling into really bad habits lately, I’ve been getting lazy with my reading and neglecting my blog, with the last few posts coming later than I wanted them too. It’s my own fault though. I find that in the colder months I become distracted by binge watching TV shows and spending way too much time on my phone instead of picking up one of the books that are waiting on my shelf. Something I’m really good at, that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, is procrastinating. So I am going to work harder at keeping on track with my reading and my blog.

Despite all this I did get some new books in June that I’m really looking forward to reading. It’s a bit of an odd little collection that I gathered, as the three books I picked up all seem like they’ll be really different, but then that might be a good way to try and get out of this lazy reading rut I’ve fallen into.

I’m not going to lie, this purchase was partly influenced by how beautiful the cover is, but I also heard good things about Marie Rutkoski’s The Winner’s Curse. Set in a world where a woman’s only choice is marriage or military, Kestral struggles to live the life she wants, a life where she if free of society’s restraints. When she is drawn to buy a new servant she soon realises that she got much more than she paid for, and things might never be the same again. There’s a lot of focus on political intrigue within this book and characters with their own hidden agendas. I’m about half way through this so far, and really enjoying it.

A Monster Calls has been on my wish list for a while and when I found this illustrated version in the book store I had to snap it up. This book is filled with stunning illustrations that add to the dark and eerie tones of the story itself. I don’t know too much about this book, other than what the back cover tells us, which is that a boy gets a visit by a monster but it isn’t the monster he was expecting. I haven’t read anything else by Patrick Ness, but I’m excited to be starting with this one as it sounds strange and dark and something unlike any other book I’ve read.

I’d heard people comparing this book to Gone Girl which is what got me intrigued about it in the first place. The Girl on the Train tells the story of a woman who watches the world go by from her seat on a train, who imagines herself as part of other people lives. One day she see’s something different and all of a sudden she is thrown into the lives of others and nothing is quite what it seems. The blurb of this book sets the scene for a really interesting thriller with twists and turns. I don’t usually read too many thrillers, but the film adaption of Paula Hawkins’ book has Emily Blunt is the lead role who I really love, so I decided I would give the book a go before watching the film.

I hope everyone else had a great reading month in June, and here’s to hoping I do better in July!

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