The Shadow Queen | Book Review

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This retelling of Snow White tells the story of a young woman whose life has been destroyed by an evil queen on a selfish quest for power. I love that this retelling portrays a young princess who is strong and powerful in her own right, and is ready to fight back and reclaim her kingdom.

There’s a big focus on magic in this story, Lorelai has strong magic and is just as powerful (if not more), as the evil queen. She has been portrayed as more of a warrior, someone willing to die to save her kingdom and protect the people she loves. She fights back for her rightful place on the throne, more of a heroine than I’ve seen in any other retelling of this story.

The role of the huntsman was also quite new and different, a dragon shifter with a kingdom of his own to save, he has his own problems. Together he and Lorelai make a good team as they have to work together to overthrow the queen and save both their kingdoms. The huntsman has never really had his own side to the story before, so I liked that this version of that character was more developed and had his own challenges. You become just as invested in his story as you do with Lorelai’s.

There are some great supporting characters, especially Lorelai’s brother, with the interactions and banter between the siblings adding some great humour to the story. Lorelai has such a strong loyalty to the people she loves and will risk everything to try and keep them safe. The relationships are well developed between her and the other characters and when tragedy strikes you can’t help but feel really heartbroken for Lorelai.

One of the other things I have to mention about this book isn’t really relevant to the story, but is just how beautiful the cover is. I know people say don’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, there’s nothing better than when a really good book has a stunning cover. I’m sure that other book lovers can agree that it’s much more satisfying when a book looks great on the bookshelf.

It’s a fast paced book, with the stakes set high in a world where no one is safe from the dangerous imposter on the throne, who is wonderfully evil. I really enjoyed this retelling, it felt original and full of new twists. Lovers of fairy tales and high fantasy adventure will really enjoy this book. It’s a pretty easy going read, with all the elements that a good fairy tale should have, and I feel like it’s one that I’ll probably want to reread in a few years’ time.

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