Stars of Fortune | Book Review

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Six characters, each of them searching for the same thing, each of them with secrets, all brought together by destiny. Stars of Fortune is the first book in Nora Roberts’ new Guardians trilogy which follows six strangers who are brought together for a dangerous quest.

Once I opened this book I couldn’t stop until I had finished it. The story starts off with three goddesses creating three immortal stars for a new queen, only to be interrupted by a dark goddess intent on having the stars for herself. The sister goddesses hide the stars and vow to wait for those who come of them to find the stars. It’s a great set-up and the rest of the story does not disappoint.

I enjoyed the group dynamic with six such different and strong minded characters, Roberts has a great way of writing relationships and friendships that are strong and multi layered. I really like each of them individually, each character is interesting and strong in their own right, with a mysterious backstory that slowly unfolds throughout the book as we learn more about each member of the group at the same pace they themselves do. I’m looking forward to seeing how the friendship and relationships will develop between six people who started out as strangers, along with more about each backstory.

I loved Bran, and I loved him and Sasha together, they complement each other so well, each being exactly what the other person needs, and they’re such a solid couple who do well to ground the whole story. Sasha starts out unsure of herself and the abilities she has, but she’s also really likeable (as are all the characters in the group), and with the help and support of the others she grows more confident as the book goes on. Bran is such a lovely man. He’s good, and he’s unwavering in his loyalty and belief in Sasha which makes him so loveable. I also really liked the friendships he developed with the other women, which were sweet and solid in their own way. Sasha’s friendship with Riley is another favourite relationship in this book, Riley is such a kick-ass character who became a favourite straight away, she has everyone’s back, and I really can’t wait for her story. An interesting group dynamic has started with this first book, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows along with the next instalments of the series.

This book felt very reminiscent of one of Nora Roberts’ earlier trilogy’s, The Circle Trilogy which was the very first series I read by this author and was what originally got me hooked on her as an author. I love the easy mesh of fantasy with reality that pulls me into the world Roberts’ creates and characters I wish were real. I enjoy pretty much all of her books, but this is the style of hers that I most enjoy, though coming from a lover of fantasy stories that’s not too surprising. I loved this book so much and the next one can’t come soon enough!

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