Summer Holiday Reading

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With holidays fast approaching there is a lot to look forward to, for some it might be planning a trip, spending time with family and friends or just taking some much needed time off work to relax at home. One of the things I look forward to is having a lot of down time to get into some serious reading sessions. I love reading and always make time for it, but sometimes it’s hard to sit with a book for a few hours during a busy working week, or even on the weekend when there are so many other things that need to be done.

Holidays are a great time to just sit with a book for hours on end, without any feeling of guilt because you’re meant to be doing something else. Now, I already have my Christmas wish list of new books that I want to get into (hint, hint family), which I’ll be sharing with you soon, but for now I thought I might share some of my recommendations for books to read during the holidays.

  1. Strictly Confidential

While I have to say I didn’t absolutely love this book, I still think it makes for a light and easy read during the summer holidays. Roxy Jacenko is quite an impressive businesswoman, so it was definitely interesting to get a bit of insider scoop on the PR industry. Fashion fans, or those who enjoy chick lit (I don’t particularly love that term but that’s probably the best genre I could fit it in) will have fun with this book, following the main character on her quest for domination of the PR world.

  1. The Wrong Girl

Who doesn’t have a girl crush on Zoe Foster? She is smart, witty and fun and her books are no different. While I still like Air Kisses the best, this book was a fun read. I also found out via Instagram that this book is apparently going to be turned into a TV series! I think it would make a really funny and cute TV show, but before that arrives on our screens the book is definitely worth a read. Zoe writes the kind of characters that are real, and charming, and who you just want to invite around for a girls night in with pizza and wine.

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  1. The Book Thief

A lot of people have probably seen this film, I haven’t so I don’t know how close it keeps to the book, but I really love the way the book is written. I first picked this up years ago while at uni and as soon as I started reading it I loved the style. With the story being told from the perspective of Death as character, I found the way Markus Zusak wrote it to be really different and fascinating. Not so much a light read, but a beautifully written one that you should get into on the holidays if you haven’t already read it.

  1. Devoted in Death

The latest instalment of the In Death series, this is a really good one. It follows multiple disturbing murders by a couple who consider themselves the new Romeo and Juliet. This one is more for fans of thriller and crime novels, it has a fast pace to it that pulls you along and has you feeling tense until the very end. A very good read, but what else would you expect from J D Robb (aka Nora Roberts).

  1. The Collector

Okay, yes there are two from Nora Roberts on this list, but I just can’t help myself, there isn’t a book she’s written that I haven’t loved. The Collector has romance, intrigue and a killer with great style, what more could you want from a book? I always find Nora Roberts’ books to be enjoyable reads that can make you laugh and cry within the space of a few chapters, they are always worth adding to the reading list.

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