The Liar | Book Review

I loved this book. Not surprising considering who the author is, but seriously this story had me hooked from the very beginning and I soon became torn between wanting to find out what would happen next and not wanting it to be over. I think that’s what lets you know how good an author is, because I could barely put The Liar down from the first page through to the end.

Shelby has been living under the controlling thumb of her husband for the last few years, but when he dies suddenly she is left with crippling debt and the chance to take back her life.

You have to admire Shelby for working so hard to put her life back together, for so long she was just an obedient wife and lost her own identity, but when she finds herself a widow she realises that she needs to become her own person again. She doesn’t crumble under all the pressure, and I think she’s a great character who, for the sake of her young daughter, makes some crucial changes to her life; starting with trying to understand the lies that keep revealing themselves about who her husband really was and somehow paying off the mountains of debt he left her with. Moving back to her home town to her loving and supportive family is just what she needs, unfortunately her husband’s secrets and lies follow her there.

I loved Shelby’s family, especially her grandmother, they are such a strong and loving unit who immediately take her back in, no questions asked. Callie is such a cutie and adds humour to pretty much every scene she’s in. Author Nora Roberts has a great way of creating small towns filled with so many great characters and different personalities that just pull you into the story.

Griff is one such great character, he is exactly what Shelby needs; someone down to earth and who just says what he means. After so long of being with someone who wanted to control and change her, Griff was upfront about just wanting Shelby to be herself. He’s such a good man and the interaction between him and Callie is really lovely and sweet. I love that he is a little bit overwhelmed by her to start with but just as quickly he becomes completely enchanted by her 3-year-old charm.

While I did suspect the twist early into the book, it didn’t take away any of the enjoyment. It was still a wonderfully immersing story, with some shady characters who are not quite ready to let Shelby move on. The plot kept me interested as the events unfolded and the lies were revealed. As always I eagerly await the release of Roberts’ next book!


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