Obsession in Death | Book Review

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Obsession in Death is the latest instalment of the In Death series by J.D. Robb (also known as Nora Roberts). I was able to trick my boyfriend with this one into thinking I was reading a new author, but really it was just one of my favourites under a different name. If you are familiar with Roberts’ books you can definitely tell it’s the same writer from her particular style, though this series has a futuristic and gritty setting, based in New York during the mid-21st century, with the events in this story occurring during the last days of the year 2060.

This story can definitely be read on its own, but I think you get so much more out of it if you have read the previous books and are familiar with the characters and the setting. I really enjoyed this addition, it was exciting, intriguing and kept me on edge wondering just who the killer was going to go after next.

Eve Dallas is a great character, she is strong and smart, and a champion of the dead; she can at times come across as rather brusque and doesn’t always quite know how to deal with emotions, so it was great in this book to see more of her caring and protective side when it came to her friends and family. I like that the further along this series goes, the relationships Eve has become stronger and hold more importance to her and influence over her character (in a good way).

I enjoy that the In Death books gives an insight to the killer’s mind as well as into Eve’s. This case followed the obsessive attentions of a killer who was serving justice (well, what they considered to be justice) to those who were considered to have wronged Eve in some way. The killer called themself Eve’s “true and loyal friend”, and it was really interesting to see how this affected Eve. All deaths affect Eve in a strong way, as she considers it her responsibility and privilege to stand up for the victims in her cases, but this was so personal, and the fact that the killer was murdering people ‘for’ Eve was quite difficult for her to swallow.

I don’t get into thrillers that often, and I don’t know if it’s because Nora Roberts was already a favourite author of mine, but I really enjoy the In Death series; they are engaging, exciting and will keep you turning the page well into the late hours of the night. I really enjoyed Obsession in Death, and whether you are already a fan of the author or not, I think you will too.

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