Black Ice | Book Review

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Imagine being stuck in the mountains in the middle of a snow storm. Imagine after hours of walking through the freezing cold you stumble upon a cabin with its light on. Only imagine that instead of helping you, the two men inside take you hostage.

This is what happens to Britt and her friend Korbie on their way to spending their spring break at Korbie’s family cabin. What starts out as innocent fun soon takes a dangerous turn when they become trapped with two potential murderers in the middle of a blizzard. Britt has to muster all her survival skills if she wants to get off the mountain alive, but it’s made even more dangerous when she starts developing feelings for one of her captors, and it soon becomes unclear whether he’s the bad guy or just hiding a dark secret.

I didn’t find any of the characters particularly likeable in this book, they all seemed rather one-dimensional. Britt comes across as obsessed with her ex, Calvin; she constantly thinks back on moments she shared with him (and while I understand that those memories contained important plot points) it became very annoying how devoted she remained to him even after he cheated on her and carelessly broke up with her. Britt so easily overlooked Calvin’s flaws and as a reader, it weakened her character for me.

Korbie is a horrible friend, constantly putting Britt down and it was hard to understand why Britt stayed friends with her for so long. These dysfunctional relationship that Britt has only make her “falling in love” with Mason seem that much more implausible. It happened too quickly without much conversation between the two of them, and she barely knew anything about Mason. It also wasn’t realistic to expect readers to believe that a character such as Britt was capable of hiking through the snowy mountains. Her character was not given enough substance to make her seem strong enough, or even smart enough, to take on such an expedition.

Black Ice did move along at a nice pace, however. I feel like the author, Becca Fitzpatrick, was good at not lingering too long in one place and keeping her characters moving. I found the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the three girls really interesting, and Mason’s connection to the mystery was revealed slowly. I did feel like I guessed who the killer was fairly early on, and that was perhaps not as surprising as Fitzpatrick intended it to be.

It was an easy read with a fun plot, and fans of the young adult genre would probably enjoy this book, but overall the characters were too underdeveloped for me to get fully invested in the story.

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