Stolen Songbird | Book Review

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Cecile lives in a small town surrounded by her family and friend  but can’t wait to leave, to travel the world and sing for a living. She didn’t plan on getting kidnapped and taken to the underground kingdom of Trollus, where magical trolls have been trapped by a curse for years. Cecile soon becomes entangled in troll politics and the beginnings of a revolution.

I came across Stolen Songbird while scrolling through to find a new book for my kindle, and after reading the sample  I quickly bought the rest of the book. This was one of those stories that pulled me in straight away, and then kept me interested for the rest of the book. There are plenty of mysteries surrounding the curse, the inhabitants of Trollus and even Cecile herself, Author Danielle Jensen doesn’t give everything away at once, but she gives you just enough to keep you wanting more.

I like that even after Cecile is bonded to a troll and kept as a prisoner in Trollus she doesn’t just sit down and take it. Cecile constantly thinks about escaping, and makes a few near successful attempts, but as she starts to develop feelings for Tristan she realises that maybe she wants to stay in Trollus after all. Cecile’s a great character, brave and smart, she makes the best of her situation and when she realises that she can help the half blood trolls, she starts putting their cause before her own.

Tristan is a charmingly arrogant troll on first introduction, but you soon learn that there is more to him than the selfish front he presents. As the secret leader of the half blood rebellion, Tristan is risking a lot to stand up for the troubles of others, he is revealed to be a selfless character who cares more for his people than for himself. Though I did get a bit frustrated at Tristan’s constant lack of trust in Cecile, purely because she is human and can lie.

Having read a lot of fantasy stories featuring many different magical creatures, I enjoyed that the main magical characters were trolls, which is not a creature that has been used as a main character very often, though it is suggested that that is not what they really are. Each of the secondary characters comes with their own story, and were interesting in their own right, hopefully more about their individual stories comes out in the next book.

I really enjoyed this story, it was  fun read with some great characters and an intriguing plot, and I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next.

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