Blood Magick | Book Review

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I am a long time reader of Nora Roberts. Her books take up most of the space on my bookshelf, with most of them having been read through at least twice. I also enjoy stories that have a magical element, and so my interest was hooked on this series from the start.

From the first introduction of Branna and Fin, I couldn’t wait to read their story. Childhood sweethearts torn away by duty and dark magic, and forever connected by those same two things, Branna and Fin’s relationship is one of past heartbreak and hopeful yearning.

I fell in love with Fin in the first book. His blood is tainted by a connection to an old evil but his heart is pure, and he is fiercely loyal and protective of those he loves. He struggles with the darkness that tempts him at every opportunity, and you can’t help but feel sad for him. The other members of the circle are so supportive of him and I love the special bond he shares with Iona, and the banter he shares with Connor.

Branna finds herself bound by duty to break a centuries old curse and believes she is unable to be with the man she loves. At times Branna and Fin seem like complete opposites, but during their sweeter moment with each other you can see how Fin’s charm softens Branna’s sometimes stern personality, and you catch a glimpse of what she must have been like as a young girl before she was burdened with such responsibility.

The ending felt really rushed, after all the work and build up to the final battle, the event itself felt nearly skimmed over. It was over with so quickly, it didn’t seem like the final confrontation with Cabhan, after all the time he spend tormenting and taunting the group, he didn’t have any final tricks for them. I found that to be a slight let down, as everything else was really good, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the story as a whole.

Nora Roberts always has strong central relationships built around love, loyalty and friendship. I really liked all the main characters of this series, they all had very different personalities and had a great group dynamic. This was a great series, and any fans of the previous books will not be disappointed.

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